About us

Water – it is one of the most valuable resources that we have and one that we all have an obligation to protect. There are tremendous pressures on our limited water supply and we must all do our part to secure water’s long-term quality & availability.

In the foodservice industry environment untold amounts of fats, oils, and greases (fog) are mixed with valuable water and then

simply “flushed” down the drain! Such action puts undue and unnecessary strain on this very valuable commodity. FOG polluted water is costly! It adversely affects our sewage systems; it clogs up our drains; it pollutes our beaches; it pollutes our

restaurants when grease traps are not properly maintained! It has ways of showing up at unexpected places and unexpected times!

So why not stop FOG at its source?

It will stop the FOG problem at its source. It will prevent grease from getting into your sewers. (Grease traps, grease interceptors, and enzyme systems, if not constantly & properly maintained, are just as bad as having nothing!)

It is a low-cost substitute for an in-ground grease trap – mandating such a system is more palatable with restaurant owners

Cities around the country are adopting this as “their standard”

Health departments are embracing its use

It will help preserve your sewer system and save you money

The recovered oil can be recycled into bio-diesel

No moving parts to break down (unlike other devices)& it is “always on” (it is not activated by timers)

It is simple & inexpensive to retrofit in an existing kitchen environment and there is nothing to take apart and clean!

It is always in the line of site – It is NOT “out of site, out of mind”

A great, inexpensive alternative to an in-ground grease trap

Eliminates need and costly pumping/cleaning of grease trap

Eliminates clogged lines between the restaurant and the grease trap Eliminates need for costly dousing chemicals

Achieves industry standard of less than 100 parts per million oils, fats grease Environmentally friendly as oil can be recycled for bio-diesel